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The Infectious Disease Conference invites you to attain the Grand Conference which includes prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibitions held on 29-30 July, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Professors, Researchers around the globe will showcase their research work and will light up the way wherein Men, Women and Children of all demographics can be cured of different infectious diseases.

Thus the theme of the conference is “Innovating Novel Technologies and Treatment to cure Infectious Disease

As the theme says the perception behind this conference is to aware people about the 3C’s which are CauseComplications and Cure of Diseases.

The worldwide deaths due to only Infectious Diseases are as follows:

·         HIV/AIDS (1 million)

·         Respiratory Infections (4.4 million)

·         Diarrhoea (3.1 million)

·         Hepatitis b (1.1million)

·         Tetanus (500,000)

·         Measles (1 million)

·         Malaria (2.1million)

·         Tuberculosis (3.1 million)

As we know that these are the name list of the prominent diseases only, there are several other diseases which shall be probable causes of more deaths, if not taken care at an early stage.

Why To Attend:

Infectious Disease conference  includes two days of presentation on methods and strategies which are related to Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases as well as to explore new innovations and concepts on an international scale. It’s a opportunity to interact with the prominent minds in the field of Infectious Diseases and learn.

Infectious Disease conference  will incorporate the showcase of current technologies in the field of Medical Science in its fight against health hazards. The interactive sessions with the broadly acclaimed speakers will also be beneficial for the academic students from the field of Medical Science to extend their knowledge in the respective field.

Target Audience:

Infectious Disease Conference is expecting participants from varied demographic medical fields.

·      Infectious Diseases Specialists

.      Health Care Professionals

·      Professors

.      Pediatricians

.      Microbiologists

.      Clinicians

.      Researchers

.      Medical Students

·      Delegates from Pharmacists companies

Directors/Co-Directors of Research based companies across the globe.

Our Website: Infectious Diseases Conference

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Registration Link: Infectious Diseases Conference/Registration

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